Here at Sport Support, we use Footscan technology to measure your gait analysis including loading patterns across 10 areas of the feet, with over 4000 sensors. This technology is an extremely accurate way to assess how your foot moves during the gait cycle.

Phits 3D Printed Orthotics – Phits orthotics are currently the only 3D printed orthotics based on your dynamic gait cycle in the world. Using Footscan data, our expert therapists can design your insoles to provide optimal foot stability, reducing the risk of injuries, improving your movement efficiency and your comfort!

Phits Orthotics can be specifically designed for every day use, including work boots, running trainers, walking boots, cycling cleats and nearly any type of shoe. You do not have to be a sportsman to get the perfect ‘Phit’!

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For more information on how Footscan is used and how we create your bespoke orthotics, watch the video below.

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