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Knee pain in cyclists

By July 20, 2021No Comments

Knee pain is one of the most common seen injuries in cyclists

When cyclists start to get knee pain, they instantly think about cleat positioning, saddle height and riding technique

Although these could be causes of pain, a lot of cyclists disregard the possibility that maybe the problem isn’t the bike but it’s what’s pushing the pedals that’s causing the issue

When we ride bikes we aren’t just using our thigh muscles to turn the pedals, they are just simply one link to the chain

We use a whole load of individual muscles throughout the body that work in conjunction with one another to produce and hold consistent power

If we are not training and conditioning these so called chain of muscles used to create power in the legs then when one of these muscle starts to fatigue it becomes lazy, meaning other muscles have to put in extra work to compensate which is when the pain and injury occurs

Not what you want, right?

To offset muscle imbalances, gain strength & stability, improve performance and reduce your risk of injury then you should be incorporating a well structured training program alongside your current cycling routine

Tailored strength programs are one of the many services that I provide and together we can get you stronger than ever on the bike

Struggling with knee pain or want to improve your performance on the bike?

Call or Message one of our therapists Aiden on 07445134441 for more information.