Wesley Smith (Professional Boxer) – 5 Star Service. Sport Support are one of my sponsors and provide me with my sports therapy all year round. Connor is friendly and professional and has helped me improve physically enormous amounts. Top quality therapist.

Henderson – Pleasant, professional and knows exactly what he’s doing. Highly recommend seeing him.

Blatchford – I have had treatment by a chiropractor for a trapped nerve in my neck and my muscles were very tight because of this in my back as well as neck. I visited Connor for a massage and he managed to free my neck and back, resulting in me being free from pain and feeling very relaxed. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he’s superb. I’ll be visiting him again soon.

Cawley – Excellent Treatment, Connor is the ultimate professional. Helpful, very knowledgeable and very thorough. Helping with my constant injuries and finding resolutions.

Sleep – I had a great sports massage from Connor in preparation for my marathon. My legs are feeling great & ready for Sunday! Connor is very professional & I will definitely be returning. Thankyou.

Brewsee – Connor has helped me as part of my training plan ahead of the London Marathon this month. His enthusiasm and expertise in his field are amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. His sports massages have kept me in one piece throughout my training and will make a huge difference on the day!

Holland  – Delighted with the service I received from Connor. After having a sciatica problem for some time I was told by the doctor that I had a slipped disc. With my first marathon looming a friend recommended Connor and I’m so glad she did. He got to the root of the problem (which wasn’t disc related) and I completed the race painnfree and have remained pain free since. I’m back to see him next week for an old but reoccurring arm injury which i’m confident he’ll sort. 10/10 from me!!

Sillitoe – My second session with Connor, very professional and knowledgeable person. Would definitely recommend if you have a specific injury/problem.

Hunt – Just got home after my first session. Can’t recommend high enough. Thank you. Will be recommending to people in my club.

Gail – Really helpful with a lower back injury and Connor was very friendly and professional.

Bennett – I cannot recommend Connor enough! Amazing massage and acupuncture and advice all at a reasonable price!

Dwelly – Had a bad neck last week and with massage and acupuncture from Connor neck now perfect I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jasper – I cannot recommend Connor enough, stopped my fiance moaning about his shoulder.

Payne – Excellent service, knowledgeable and sorted my back out.

Martin – First session today, wish I went along time ago, fortunately many more sessions to come! #professional

Howe – After 4 years of constant pain in my lower back, an hr of treatment yesterday and i can not believe how much easier it is to move… thank you so much.

Williams – Friendly, knowledgeable and effective therapist. Good to meet someone properly qualified to offer a sports therapy service.

Roberts –

Had a bit of a wakeup call at the beginning of this year and thought right, enough is enough, weight to be lost – health to be gained. I managed to lose 3 stone on my own over 6 months and so needless to say things were now looking rather ‘wobbly’ haha! That’s when I met Connor – I contacted Connor and he came to meet with me to chat about my goals and reasons for booking in with him. I explained to him that in no way did I want to lose my curvy shape but really wanted to ‘firm things up’ and build strength. Connor really listed to me and took on board everything I wanted to achieve. Our first session together was mostly for Connor to asses where I was in terms of strength and where my weaknesses were to be able build on those.  By the second week I was enjoying it so much that I had booked in for 2 sessions rather than 1.

We are now 7 weeks in and WOW what a difference already. I have lost a further 3 kilos’ in fat and gained so much more strength and muscle in the places I really wanted. I feel super healthy, I have much more energy and feel like I’m getting stronger each session. The sessions are so varied, even working outside on nicer days! Connor has been so supportive, encouraging and might I add ruthless haha! I can’t recommend him enough for personal training and really encourage anyone who is thinking about it to just do it! Give it a go…. Who knows, you might just enjoy it 😊